Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tyree & Shrinechick 'Ave A Catch Up...  

After what has been a very busy and eventful year in the life of Tyree Cooper, Tyree takes time out to talk to Shrinechick about some of his earlier tracks...

In 1986 Tyree Cooper's track "I Fear The Night" was Released on DJ International Records biggest sublabel Underground, Tyree's first 12" with the label.
Tyree speaks so fondly of this track and does one of his naughty laughs as he remembers and tells me that he and Mike Dunn had 'borrowed' (hmmm) the 808 Drum Machine from Marshall Jefferson for 20 Bucks to make this track - (and others)!

Tyree Cooper Feat. Chic - I Fear The Night, 1986

 Tyree then went on to tell me that by the time 1987 came around he wasn't really 'feeling' the Acid House tracks that were being put out there so he thought he would do the Acid over his way... and so 'Acid Over' was born and then released on the Underground label, 1987.

Tyree Cooper, Acid Over 1987

1987 was a busy year says Tyree and again he laughs his naughty laugh as i ask him to tell me how he and Fast Eddie came about making the track 'The Whop'. Tyree says that he and Fast Eddie had this idea of doing a parody of a track by Thompson and Lenior called "Can't Stop The House". Tyree says they never intended for it to be released, it was only meant to be played on a DJ tour. They never imagined how popular it would be.

Fast Eddie, Tyree Cooper & Chic, The Whop - 1987

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