Monday, 4 July 2011

Tyree Cooper 1 Year On @

Tyree Cooper Presents The Soundroom's
                  1st Anniversary

 Live Stream Set Tuesday 5th July @ 
(21:00 UK Time / 22:00 European Time / 15:00 Chicago Time)

Tonight the legend Tyree Cooper will be celebrating the success of his Live Stream Show 'The Soundroom'.

It's one year now that this show began and together Tyree Cooper & Renegade Radio have taken us all on a musical journey back in time as well as glimpses into the future....

It's been an amazing year at Renegade Radio and an experience that Tyree & myself, Shrinechick have been humbled by and we would like to take this opportunity to thank y'all for the support, the chats, the late nights, the laughs, the new friends we have made & in some cases... for your patience!! ;) None of this would be possible without the 'love & loyalty' of you all! So massive respect to each and every one of you.

This Tuesday Tyree will be doing a special show to celebrate his 1st anniversary at Renegade Radio, it's definitely one not to be missed as he will be flowing with a vibrant, all embracing passion making sure y'all get your 'Jack' on & on... Say what!!

 So come join us as the legend himself will be in the chatroom, live on the mic and throwing down beats old and new, funking up the airwaves with an uncut deep groove, as he bangs tha box with his live stream set direct from his crib in Berlin, Germany to Tuesday 5th July:


21:00 UK Time / 22:00 European Time / 15:00 Chicago Time.

As we always say, turn up your bins, log on and tune in as Tyree Cooper presents to you The Soundroom's 1st Anniversary.

...See you in the chatroom Shrinechick :)

Click here to go to the FaceBook event page for full details.

The above drawings are both by Joswear.. Big thanks!!


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