Friday, 10 September 2010

5 Magazine Celebrating 5 years of House

Tyree Cooper: The Project 
40 Artists. 40 Videos. 40 Free Tracks. 100% Chicago House Music.

 What is the Project?
5 Magazine are celebrating 5 years of House and say:  We wanted to do something special for the Five Year Anniversary of 5 Magazine something for the community, and something which has never been done before. We wanted to create a multimedia project documenting the producers who are making Chicago move NOW, in 2010, with in-depth interviews and features. We wanted to include a track from these artists as well.
              And we wanted to give it away completely free.

 The Project writes: Sooner or later, fashion always comes around again and rediscovers Tyree Cooper. In just the last few years alone, Tyree's cutting edge recordings on Westside, DJ International, Dance Mania and others have been picked up out of the crates and celebrated by DJs ranging from Ghetto House, Minimal, Hip-House and Househeads of all stripes. He made acid tracks and they were great acid tracks. His techier and harder creations were among the best in their genre and far ahead of their time. And needless to say, Hip-House looked so far ahead into the future that no one could have guessed that rapping over traditional 4/4 House beats would become pretty much the standard for mainstream club music today.

Click here to check out the video (filmed in Germany courtesy of Tyree) in which Tyree talks about mixing records with Mike Dunn (who tells a similar story here), why he moved to Germany a decade ago and the story of his well-travelled career.

Click here to download Tyree's 'Cloud 9' mix for The Project for free (enjoy!!) and for full interview... :) Shrinechick

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