Saturday, 26 June 2010

Tyree Talks About The Track 'Tyz in da Middle'

  Tyz in da Middle, Da Soul Revival No.5, 1995

'Tyz in da Middle' is a track I personally had never heard before so I asked Tyree to tell me how this track came about and this is what he said...

 Tyree says, Shrinechick once again this was what I call a 'rent track'. I had just moved from Chicago and I was trying to get myself out of the Chicago scene, basically I wanted to remove myself as I wanted to do something different. So I did this track in Detroit up at Eddie Fowlkes studio. Tyree says matter of fact Eddie was instrumental on him moving to Detroit for four or five months. So Tyree went to Detroit and did three or four EP's in Eddie's studio back in 1995, which was right before Tyree went to Europe to DJ for four - five months.

And here's that track.... Shrinechick :)

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  1. Thanks for putting me onto this track. Will pick this record up asap and at it to the Tyree collection.