Saturday, 26 June 2010

Tyree Talks About The Track 'Tyz in da Middle'

  Tyz in da Middle, Da Soul Revival No.5, 1995

'Tyz in da Middle' is a track I personally had never heard before so I asked Tyree to tell me how this track came about and this is what he said...

 Tyree says, Shrinechick once again this was what I call a 'rent track'. I had just moved from Chicago and I was trying to get myself out of the Chicago scene, basically I wanted to remove myself as I wanted to do something different. So I did this track in Detroit up at Eddie Fowlkes studio. Tyree says matter of fact Eddie was instrumental on him moving to Detroit for four or five months. So Tyree went to Detroit and did three or four EP's in Eddie's studio back in 1995, which was right before Tyree went to Europe to DJ for four - five months.

And here's that track.... Shrinechick :)

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tyree Cooper On

Tyree Cooper Presents ''The Soundroom''

Live Stream Set Tuesday 8th June @ 
(21:00 UK Time / 22:00 European Time / 15:00 Chicago Time)

Tyree will be doing his live stream show on Renegade Radio June 8th.
Lately, Tyree can normally be found playing on Renegade Radio the 1st Tuesday of every month, due to a guest appearance back in March which lead to Renegade inviting Tyree to a regular monthly slot, and who could blame them!

Tyree's sets have gone down a storm with Renegade's regular listeners as well as Tyree's faithful followers. Tyree says he really enjoys doing the shows and especially loves interacting in Renegade's lively chatroom, it all adds to the mix of ''The Soundroom'' flava.

To download Tyree's April & May ''The Soundroom'' live stream sets @ Renegade Radio, Click Here

This Tuesday join us as the legend himself will be throwing down beats old and new, funking up the airwaves with an uncut deep groove, bangin' tha box with a live stream set direct from his crib in Berlin, Germany to Tuesday 8th June,
21:00 UK Time / 22:00 European Time / 15:00 Chicago Time.

So as we always say, turn up your bins, log on and tune in as 
       Tyree Cooper presents to you 'The Soundroom'

...See You In The Chatroom... Shrinechick :)

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