Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tyree Cooper Talks About The Track Shining Lights

Matt Flores, Tyree Cooper & Wayne Darrin Present GOOSEBUMPZ Shining Lights

Shining Lights is a collaboration between Matt Flores, Tyree Cooper and up and coming actor / comedian and former bass player of Bodycount Wayne Darrin.

I asked Tyree to give us a little insight into how this great track came about and this is what he told me...

In his sweet 'infamous' story teller voice :) Tyree says: "Aiiight chick….What happened on that very day, well, it was bright and sunny" -  to which we both crack up laughing!! But on a serious note...

Tyree was going to Düsseldorf in Germany to record some music with Matt Flores and Wayne Darrin wanted to record some music with Tyree as well. Tyree says, Wayne kept saying to me I wanna do a track, I wanna do a song and some music with you Ty, so Tyree said ok and asked Matt if the three of them could do something and Matt Flores said no problem, so that was it.

Tyree tells me Wayne had us almost pissing ourselves, I mean we almost threw up on each other with laughter, Wayne being the comedian and all. We had so much fun making that track, we really had a great time. It worked you see because Wayne likes Matts work, you know he likes my work, so it was a wrap!

Matt Flores, Tyree Cooper & Wayne Darrin Pres. Goosebumpz Shining Lights

Shining Lights on Tjumy Records is available to download as MP3 or WAV @ and the vinyl will be re-released very soon... Shrinechick ;)

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  1. I really love this track!!! I'm feelin the Bass and those drums.....I love the little story behind it as well,great......