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Tyree Cooper on Global FM 16/11/09

Tyree Cooper Is Interviewed on Global FM (Spain) 16/11/09

Living on Spain's Costa Del Sol and having my passion for my music i have been lucky enough to meet a lot of like minded people here, one of them in particular being the coasts very own 'local MP', Mr Mark Peters, who over the years has not only become a good friend of mine but has also been, at times, my very own jukebox.
DJ MP wakes us all up on the Costa every morning, bright and early with his Breakfast Show on the ''Coasts No.1 Station Global Radio FM ,voted by us the listeners'' as our local MP states daily.

So after one of our regular morning radio special requests shows, MP and i were discussing Tyree and we came upon the idea how great it would be for him to do a live interview with Tyree Cooper direct from his home in Berlin, Germany to Spain's Costa Del Sol's airwaves. So later that day on my next chat with Tyree i made the suggestion and Tyree was happy to have been invited to do the show with Mark and we set a date and time.
On the week of the interview our excited local MP dropped Tyree's tracks and did a build up to having Tyree Cooper on his show that Friday. This show was recorded, you can hear the 'awe' in MP's voice as he chats to the Legend Tyree Cooper.

And that show went like this...!! Shrinechick :)

Here's The Comments They Made After The Show on Tyree's Facebook Fan Page:

Mark Peters: 100 per cent true gent with the legendary turn up the bass a privelage to talk to, a proper ground breaker keep safe and happy. a tribute and audio collage of tracks from the era will be played non stop this friday. respect tyree mp

Tyree Cooper: I Thank You Mark For The Interview And Also Shrinechick And L.S.D Magazine For The Hook Up. I Really Enjoyed The Interview It Was "A Stone Cold Gas"!!!!!!!.....Thank You.....Tyree

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