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A Short History On Tyree

They say that a child growing up in the ghetto's of Chicago has a life expectancy of 16 and there is no future in sight. Well what those studies didn't encounter is that this child from the southside of Chicago would exceed all expectation, and his name is... Tyree Cooper.

Tyree began listening to his mother's music collection at a very early age which ranged from Parliament Funkadelics, Stanley Clarke, Ohio Players and Wes Montgomery to name just a few. By the time Tyree entered High School his passion for music didn't stop at home, he joined the High School Band where he sat second chair flutist in the concert band.
Along with music Tyree shares another passion which is basketball and his skills on the courts earned him offers from neighboring colleges and universities.

After his short stint in college Tyree decided to leave and pursue his true passion which is music, House Music in particular. So in 1983 he began his DJing career alongside Mike Dunn and Hugo H! and the three of them would host all the local high school and college parties as well as playing live on college radio, all the while gaining respect from their peers.

1986 would prove to be a pivotal year for Tyree Cooper because that's when he signed with the renowned record label DJ International and released his first record along with his sister Chic “I Fear The Night“ which to their surprise was well recieved. Now that Tyree caught the recording 'bug' he went on to record several classic tunes such as “Acid Over“, “No Control“, “ The Whop“ with Fast Eddie and Chic, and “I Am“. Tyree also spread his energy to other renowned record labels in Chicago such as Rockin House where he released “Video Crash“, “Muzik“ again a record that featured another one of his younger sister’s Miyoshi, and “Dreams E.P“. Then on West Madison Street Records he released “I'm Free“ and “Passion“ with his ex-wife Naomi.

When 1988 entered the calender year Tyree was a well seasoned producer and artist so when Fast Eddie introduced the world to Hip House, a mix of Hip Hop and House, Tyree then followed suit and recorded his biggest selling record to date and probably the most influential in house and hip hop music. He recruited his good friend Kool Rock Steady whose vocal on the track became known and loved Worldwide, “Tyree Cooper, The Producer! Awesome, Supa Dupa Trooper!” and the two of them went on to record the hit “Turn Up The Bass“ which reached the top ten in the U.K pop charts. From there Tyree went on to have an unprecedented string of chart and club hits including another U.K top 20 hit “Move Your Body“ featuring his good friend and MC, JMD. This was released on Columbia Records U.K. Also to his credit Tyree recieved a platinum plaque for “Hardcore Hip House“ released on Westside Records / TVT Records U.K.
So now at the close of the 80's the music scene was taking a turn in the direction of a more rougher and tougher sound and Techno was the flavor amongst the youth at the time.

Meanwhile in Chicago, the youth was experimenting with all previous music from Chicago by speeding it up and adding short chopped up samples to it and this they called “Ghetto House“ or “Booty Music“ and Dancemania Records was instrumental in orchestrating these releases. Being no stranger to something new Tyree began on a new venture with Dancemania Records and released some of his most sought after tracks to date such as „“Nuthin Wrong“, “Can I Git High“, “Of Love Mystery“ and “Let It Go“ with Blake Baxter. Almost simultaneously Tyree was at the humble beginnings of the infamous Speed Garage scene and scored two speed garage classics „“The History Of House“, and “Swing“ both songs were produced by the talented duo Tuff Jam (Karl Brown and Matt Lamont).

Now as all good decades come to a close while a bright and uncertain futures awaits, a new millenium has come and Tyree broadens his horizon and has relocated himself to Europe residing in Berlin, Germany where he could be closer to where the music was happening.

In 2002 Tyree would team up with a good friend Sebastian Krieg and they would record the club classic “Groove You Out Tonight“ and this track along with another track spawned the very first interacting Djing game invented by Playstation called “DJ's Decks And F/X“.

I Fear The Night 1986, Tyree's First 12" On DJ International.
Tyree and Mike Dunn 'borrowed' the 808 Drum Machine from Marshall Jefferson for 20 Bucks to make this track (and others).

Acid Over 1987, Tyree says he made this track because of his dislike of Acid House music... hence the title.

No Control 1987, This track was made by Tyree and his cousin Sean Williams. Sean wanted to do a track so badly with Tyree, and DJ International liked it!

The Whop 1987, Fast Eddie and Tyree had this idea of doing a parody of a track by Thompson and Lenior called "Can't Stop The House". Tyree says they never intended for it to be released, it was only meant to be played on a DJ tour.

I Am 1988, Released on DJ International... is what Tyree calls a 'Rent Track' ;)

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