Thursday, 8 April 2010

Supa Dupa Rec.'s 
Believe Player
The Supa Dupa Rec. Believe Player is where you can find all the releases on Tyree Cooper's newly re-launched record label Supa Dupa Records. The Believe Player will give you a listening preview to Supa Dupa Records latest releases.

Klas Bahk: The Hutsepot E.P.
Who is Klas Bahk we hear you ask? Well although no one really knows for sure, it came to my attention that the name is derived from a certain term and it is believed to mean something along the lines of 'top class fella'. But maybe i'm wrong, maybe i should have asked again!?!? But what i can tell you is that this Klas Bahk character appears to know his history.
Word on the street is that last summertime, one of his producer friends started teaching him the ins and outs of electronic music production and Klas Bahk young and eager has turned out to be a natural! Only a couple of hours later on that same summertime day he was bustin' out Chicago beats like there was no tomorrow. Luckily there were plenty of tomorrow's and so the tale of Klas Bahk continued.
After nearly 10 years of DJing, Klas Bahk's tracks smell of the good ole days when warehouses were packed all night, while at the same time his tracks are strongly rooted in the new breed of today's House Music.

All Releases Can Be Purchased Anywhere Digital Music Is Sold.

Klas Bahk: The Hutsepot E.P. Track Reviews

This Track Has A Real Live Feel To It, Lead Predominately By The Sprawling Sax That Runs Through It Picking Up Pace And Changing Its Patterns & Rhythms Constantly Teasing The Listener For More.
A Really Nice Building Track With Lots Of Warming Sounds, Which Would Easily Find Its Way Into A Early Set.

Tight Production And Easy Grooving Rhythms Keep This Track Moving On To A Nice Funky Break. This Tune Has A Very Familiar Sound To It. Simple & Effective.

Sauerkraut Haystacks
A Strange Track That Has A Very Strong And Percussive Bass line That Kept Me Bopping Away 'Til The Live Elements Come In And Take Hold. Really Like This Tune Unusual And Very Catchy, A Sure Fire Crowd Pleaser.


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