Monday, 27 September 2010

JACK THE BOX @ Kleine Reise

 Date: Thursday 30th September, Time: 10pm - 6am
Venue: Kleine Reise, Spreewaldplatz 8, Berlin, Germany

After 5 months of the weekly JACK THE BOX on Sweatlodge Radio Wednesday House session, Jack The Box Returns to the dancefloor in style!!

On Thursday 30th of September Tyree Cooper and Bobby Starrr present to you an evening full of musical bliss!! 

 Bobby Starrr says: "Yes we aim to bring a BANG to Kleine Reise via Deep Chords + Phat Basslines + Crazzeee Delays = HAPPYNESS"

 This event will start at 10pm till the wee early hours and Tyree and Bobby promise you will be Jackin' your body untill the very end!

                            HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG!!

For full details click here to go to the Facebook event page or click here  to see the Resident Advisor page... Oh Yeah!! Shrinechick :)

Friday, 10 September 2010

5 Magazine Celebrating 5 years of House

Tyree Cooper: The Project 
40 Artists. 40 Videos. 40 Free Tracks. 100% Chicago House Music.

 What is the Project?
5 Magazine are celebrating 5 years of House and say:  We wanted to do something special for the Five Year Anniversary of 5 Magazine something for the community, and something which has never been done before. We wanted to create a multimedia project documenting the producers who are making Chicago move NOW, in 2010, with in-depth interviews and features. We wanted to include a track from these artists as well.
              And we wanted to give it away completely free.

 The Project writes: Sooner or later, fashion always comes around again and rediscovers Tyree Cooper. In just the last few years alone, Tyree's cutting edge recordings on Westside, DJ International, Dance Mania and others have been picked up out of the crates and celebrated by DJs ranging from Ghetto House, Minimal, Hip-House and Househeads of all stripes. He made acid tracks and they were great acid tracks. His techier and harder creations were among the best in their genre and far ahead of their time. And needless to say, Hip-House looked so far ahead into the future that no one could have guessed that rapping over traditional 4/4 House beats would become pretty much the standard for mainstream club music today.

Click here to check out the video (filmed in Germany courtesy of Tyree) in which Tyree talks about mixing records with Mike Dunn (who tells a similar story here), why he moved to Germany a decade ago and the story of his well-travelled career.

Click here to download Tyree's 'Cloud 9' mix for The Project for free (enjoy!!) and for full interview... :) Shrinechick

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Tyree Talks About The Track 'Tyz in da Middle'

  Tyz in da Middle, Da Soul Revival No.5, 1995

'Tyz in da Middle' is a track I personally had never heard before so I asked Tyree to tell me how this track came about and this is what he said...

 Tyree says, Shrinechick once again this was what I call a 'rent track'. I had just moved from Chicago and I was trying to get myself out of the Chicago scene, basically I wanted to remove myself as I wanted to do something different. So I did this track in Detroit up at Eddie Fowlkes studio. Tyree says matter of fact Eddie was instrumental on him moving to Detroit for four or five months. So Tyree went to Detroit and did three or four EP's in Eddie's studio back in 1995, which was right before Tyree went to Europe to DJ for four - five months.

And here's that track.... Shrinechick :)

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tyree Cooper On

Tyree Cooper Presents ''The Soundroom''

Live Stream Set Tuesday 8th June @ 
(21:00 UK Time / 22:00 European Time / 15:00 Chicago Time)

Tyree will be doing his live stream show on Renegade Radio June 8th.
Lately, Tyree can normally be found playing on Renegade Radio the 1st Tuesday of every month, due to a guest appearance back in March which lead to Renegade inviting Tyree to a regular monthly slot, and who could blame them!

Tyree's sets have gone down a storm with Renegade's regular listeners as well as Tyree's faithful followers. Tyree says he really enjoys doing the shows and especially loves interacting in Renegade's lively chatroom, it all adds to the mix of ''The Soundroom'' flava.

To download Tyree's April & May ''The Soundroom'' live stream sets @ Renegade Radio, Click Here

This Tuesday join us as the legend himself will be throwing down beats old and new, funking up the airwaves with an uncut deep groove, bangin' tha box with a live stream set direct from his crib in Berlin, Germany to Tuesday 8th June,
21:00 UK Time / 22:00 European Time / 15:00 Chicago Time.

So as we always say, turn up your bins, log on and tune in as 
       Tyree Cooper presents to you 'The Soundroom'

...See You In The Chatroom... Shrinechick :)

Click here to go to the Facebook event page

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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Supa Dupa Records Signs Up Idiotbox

Supa Dupa Records Signs Up New Artist: Idiotbox

Idiotbox is a guy named Simon Bathie.

Simon is originally from Hertfordshire, England but now lives in southern Spain and he released his first record in 1990. Since then Idiotbox has recorded under many guises, from house music to breakbeat, drum and bass to trip hop and also rock. Over his recording career Simon has worked with labels such as, ZTT, Om Records, Blanco Negro and Moving Shadow to name just a few and he has also worked with artists such as, Jocelyn Brown, John Beltran, DJ Hipp e, DJ Onionz, Jay Tripwire, DJ Trace, Shades of Rhythm, Carlos da Silva, Vitamin D and Louis Vega. He is a DJ, producer and occasionally he sings. Idiotbox also runs his own label called I Box Recordings.

Simon says… I’m an addict!! I love producing and I love djing. I play house in all its flavors and don’t like to pigeon hole myself in one style of house, there is so much variety out there at the moment that you can play a multitude of styles.

As well as us signing Idiotbox to our Supa Dupa Records label Simon records under the name 80s Casual and has an EP out in July and an album out in August on the Cold Busted Record label. So as you can see, Idiotbox is definitely a man to look out for… Shrinechick :)

You can catch Idiotbox djing in London, Spain and all over Europe…

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Supa Dupa Records Signs Up Bobby Starrr

Supa Dupa Records Signs Up New Artist: Bobby Starrr
Bobby Starrr's already known for his unique DJ style and now he takes it a bit further by teaming with Chicago Legend Tyree Cooper on his Supa Dupa Records Label.

But not stopping at that Supa Dupa Rec's Bobby Starrr launches his own radio show ''Jack The Box 54'' @ Sweatlodge Radio, Wednesday May 5th 2010, 20:00 European Time, with Live In House Guest: Chi-town's one and only, Tyree Cooper and
Highlighted Artist: Lady Blacktronika , First Lady Of Beatdown ( Your Only Friend / San Jose, U.S. ).

For full details click here to go to the Facebook event page.

Jack The Box Radio

"what we do is secret..." or not? Music fills the air and deep rhythms lock into an irresistible groove. Swept up in the beat, the dancers enter into profound altered states of consciousness, surrendering to the ecstasy of music. Powerful energies move through their bodies as gateways to the Spirit world open and they feel the awesome presence of the sacred. The Jack The Box show is a new and fresh two hour live show looking into the world of Jack. From the whirlwind of classics from the Disco groove period, right through to the hedonistic house as we know it, The Chi-town get down sound. Hosted by DJ Bobby Starrr ( Supa Dupa Records / Vibes and Pepper / UK ) with regular guests from Berlin, Paris and Chicago passing on what´s hot and what´s not from their own Cities plus an Highlight Of The Week feature, giving up and coming artists / brand new projects, a place to showcase their new wares.


If you would like to fully download Tyree & Bobby Starrr's last live stream set together Hosted By Sweatlodge Radio on the 29/1/10 then please click here and enjoy!! Shrinechick ;)

All booking inquires please contact: /

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tyree Cooper Talks About The Track Shining Lights

Matt Flores, Tyree Cooper & Wayne Darrin Present GOOSEBUMPZ Shining Lights

Shining Lights is a collaboration between Matt Flores, Tyree Cooper and up and coming actor / comedian and former bass player of Bodycount Wayne Darrin.

I asked Tyree to give us a little insight into how this great track came about and this is what he told me...

In his sweet 'infamous' story teller voice :) Tyree says: "Aiiight chick….What happened on that very day, well, it was bright and sunny" -  to which we both crack up laughing!! But on a serious note...

Tyree was going to Düsseldorf in Germany to record some music with Matt Flores and Wayne Darrin wanted to record some music with Tyree as well. Tyree says, Wayne kept saying to me I wanna do a track, I wanna do a song and some music with you Ty, so Tyree said ok and asked Matt if the three of them could do something and Matt Flores said no problem, so that was it.

Tyree tells me Wayne had us almost pissing ourselves, I mean we almost threw up on each other with laughter, Wayne being the comedian and all. We had so much fun making that track, we really had a great time. It worked you see because Wayne likes Matts work, you know he likes my work, so it was a wrap!

Matt Flores, Tyree Cooper & Wayne Darrin Pres. Goosebumpz Shining Lights

Shining Lights on Tjumy Records is available to download as MP3 or WAV @ and the vinyl will be re-released very soon... Shrinechick ;)

All booking inquires for Matt Flores please contact:
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Friday, 23 April 2010

Tyree Cooper on Global FM 16/11/09

Tyree Cooper Is Interviewed on Global FM (Spain) 16/11/09

Living on Spain's Costa Del Sol and having my passion for my music i have been lucky enough to meet a lot of like minded people here, one of them in particular being the coasts very own 'local MP', Mr Mark Peters, who over the years has not only become a good friend of mine but has also been, at times, my very own jukebox.
DJ MP wakes us all up on the Costa every morning, bright and early with his Breakfast Show on the ''Coasts No.1 Station Global Radio FM ,voted by us the listeners'' as our local MP states daily.

So after one of our regular morning radio special requests shows, MP and i were discussing Tyree and we came upon the idea how great it would be for him to do a live interview with Tyree Cooper direct from his home in Berlin, Germany to Spain's Costa Del Sol's airwaves. So later that day on my next chat with Tyree i made the suggestion and Tyree was happy to have been invited to do the show with Mark and we set a date and time.
On the week of the interview our excited local MP dropped Tyree's tracks and did a build up to having Tyree Cooper on his show that Friday. This show was recorded, you can hear the 'awe' in MP's voice as he chats to the Legend Tyree Cooper.

And that show went like this...!! Shrinechick :)

Here's The Comments They Made After The Show on Tyree's Facebook Fan Page:

Mark Peters: 100 per cent true gent with the legendary turn up the bass a privelage to talk to, a proper ground breaker keep safe and happy. a tribute and audio collage of tracks from the era will be played non stop this friday. respect tyree mp

Tyree Cooper: I Thank You Mark For The Interview And Also Shrinechick And L.S.D Magazine For The Hook Up. I Really Enjoyed The Interview It Was "A Stone Cold Gas"!!!!!!!.....Thank You.....Tyree

Tyree Cooper's Mixes : Free Downloads

Supa Dupa Records MediaFire Files : Free Downloads :)

Tyree Cooper's Supa Dupa Rec. has it's own MediaFire Files where Tyree and i have started to upload and store all his latest mixes. These mixes are of Tyree's recent live stream shows which we know some of you attended and so therefore some of these mixes will bring back that good vibe of that night for you. For those of you who couldn't make it, you will be happy to know that all these live mixes by Tyree are stored on Supa Dupa Rec's MediaFire Files ready for you to fully download for free. We will be updating the MediaFire Files on a regular basis as Tyree is still very active and bangin' tha box!

So go ahead, follow the links and as always... Enjoy!! Shrinechick :)

Tyree Cooper: Groovin’ Down Ya House, Live Stream Set Hosted By Radio FullVibes 25/11/09 Part 1a

Tyree Cooper: Groovin’ Down Ya House, Live Stream Set Hosted By Radio FullVibes 25/11/09 Part 1b  

Tyree Cooper: Groovin’ Down Ya House, Live Stream Set Hosted By Radio FullVibes 25/11/09 Part 2

Tyree Cooper & Bobby Starrr Live @ The T Room, Berlin Hosted By Sweat Lodge Radio 29/1/10 Part 1

Tyree Cooper & Bobby Starrr Live @ The T Room, Berlin Hosted By Sweat Lodge Radio 29/1/10 Part 2

Tyree Cooper: Jack’In Tha House, Live Stream Set Hosted By Radio FullVibes 18/2/10

Tyree Cooper: Jack’In Tha House, Live Stream Set Hosted By Radio FullVibes 18/3/10

Tyree Cooper’s Exclusive Facebook Fan Page Mix

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tyree Cooper Chosen For 5 Magazine's New Mix Monday April 2010 Edition

5 Magazine's New Mix Monday : Tyree Cooper

It took about two decades for them to catch up, but the recent resurgence of mainstream interest in Hip House and Acid has brought a new respect to the early recordings of our man in Germany (tha producer, awesome supa dupa troopa!), Tyree Cooper.

For those of us in Chicago, though, Tyree has been on our tables since "I Fear the Night" in 1986 and still going strong with releases on his own Supa Dupa Records label and a solid touring schedule.

Here's a cut-up from Rees Urban's September 2008 interview in 5 Magazine with Tyree on the making of "I Fear the Night":
Well, myself, Mike Dunn and Hugo H., we had been friends for the last 100,000 years [laughs]... These guys are my brothers. We used to run this club called "My House". It was called the Sheba Disco at first. That's where people like Lil' Louis and Lil' John used to get their start from back in the day. It was like 87th & Ashland. We took it over - me and Mike slept in that place. We were into that club. We slept in that MF, because we threw our parties in there.
Mike met Marshall [Jefferson] first and Marshall asked if he could bring his equipment to the club. A 707, 808, 727, 303 - everything Marshall had...

We were like, "Since you're not using this 808, can we give you $20 and borrow it for like a week?" Marshall said, "Yeah, aight man, cool, I'm not using it right now." We had the MF for like six months! It went between me, Mike & Hugo. We had that for a while.
Eventually Marshall was like, "Where's my 808?" "Oh, Mike's got it." Mike would say, "Hugo's got it." Hugo would say, "No, Mike's got it," or "No, Tyree's got it."
Then I got it and gave it back to him. So "I Fear The Night" came up out of that. I just wanted to do a record and have a drum machine. Me, Hugo and Mike worked on the drums but by the time I got to the studio I couldn't remember which patterns were which, so I had to try to figure it out. It would have come out a bit different if I remembered the patterns. I think the second part of it with the snare rolls was Hugo's influence. I'm not even too sure. I lost the tape with the shit that was on it.
From there, I just called up DJ International and said, "Hey, I got a tune I want to play for y'all." I was kind of going down there anyway to pick up records from Benji [Espinoza]. I was trying to get free records.

For 5 Magazine's full interview please click here

To listen to or to download Tyree's New Mix Monday chosen by 5 Magazine, click here and Enjoy!! :) Shrinechick

5 Magazine @


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Tyree Cooper On Radio.Full-Vibes.Com

Tyree Cooper 'Jack' In Tha House' May 20th Live Stream Set @ (21:00 European Time / 20:00 UK Time / 14:00 Chicago Time)
Tyree first became familiar with Radio FullVibes through our good friend Sirius 23 of LSD (London Street-Art Design) Magazine who had made the initial introduction one night in the FullVibes chatroom at a live stream set Sirius was playing. Radio FullVibes, who rarely play House Music decided to open their arms and their airwaves to Tyree and his box and gave him a live stream show which i had the pleasure of naming 'Groovin' Down Ya House' :) The show was aired in November 2009 and was truly a great success. But don't take my word for it, you can download the full 4hour (yes i said 4hours!!) set here, just click the link, follow and enjoy...

Like Tyree's music that night the chatroom was on full flow, with Tyree's fans and House Music lovers coming from all corners of the World joining together for the Love of House, feeling a warmth everyone wanted to experience again. So due to popular demand Radio FullVibes offered Tyree a monthly live slot on their busy airwaves (again named by my good self) :) ''Jack' In Tha House'' to which Tyree happily accepted and so the story continues...

This month on Thursday May 20th as always, come join us @, log on, tune in, let yourself go, ride the bassline pressure, bring your love and your laughs to the Chatroom with Tyree playing 'live n direct' from his home in Berlin, Germany....
Jack' In Tha House!! See you in the chatroom... Shrinechick :)

All these live stream sets and more can be downloaded for your listening pleasure from Tyree's Supa Dupa Rec. MediaFire Files :

Click here to go the event page ;)

Friday, 9 April 2010

Supa Dupa Rec. Artist : URBAN LEGENDZ

Urban Legendz : Legendary E.P.

Now here's the next evolution in that continuing tradition of good ole Chicago House Music. I would like to introduce you to the “Urban Legendz“. A two man DJ / Producing crew straight off the Southside and Westside of Chicago, bringing with them probably one of the Hottest House E.P's of the year!

Urban Legendz “Legendary E.P“ has that good ole Chitown Sound with all of today's lastest tech added to it... Believe me this is a must have and i know you will enjoy it from the very moment you play the first track.

Urban Legendz: Legendary E.P. Tracks Review By Sirius 23

"Loving the new EP. Old school beats anchoring fresh, funky and playful grooves. Work well in the mix, tearing a soft sense of humour into a deeper set. Silky, slightly naughty vocals crack a smile over a jacking groove and ideal for moving the ladies back onto the dancefloor. Mixed up all three tunes well outside their natural genres and they all add a fresh dimension to the mix".

The Count Down is the most driving track of the 3 with a an uptempo rolling bassline and nicely chopped street style vocals.

It’s Real has a happy carnivalesque feel and offbeat heavy drums that keep the feet locked to the groove and the hands pumping forward. Summertime track meant for those sun soaked poolside moments.

The Break Of Love has more of a disco vibe – free flowing instruments flying thick and fast across the track with a deeply funky momentum and broken up nicely with the male vocals. All the vocals have a hip hoppy, rolling the track quality which keeps the whole EP funky and edgy and a delight to mix with instrumentals.

Rate It, Love It, Playing it HARD!!

DJ Sirius 23 / LSD Magazine Co. Producer

All Tracks Produced By Urban Legendz, Mastered at Supa Dupa House Of Hits
All Releases Can Be Purchased Anywhere Digital Music Is Sold.

All License inquires please contact Andy Gee at
All booking inquires please contact

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Supa Dupa Rec.'s 
Believe Player
The Supa Dupa Rec. Believe Player is where you can find all the releases on Tyree Cooper's newly re-launched record label Supa Dupa Records. The Believe Player will give you a listening preview to Supa Dupa Records latest releases.

Klas Bahk: The Hutsepot E.P.
Who is Klas Bahk we hear you ask? Well although no one really knows for sure, it came to my attention that the name is derived from a certain term and it is believed to mean something along the lines of 'top class fella'. But maybe i'm wrong, maybe i should have asked again!?!? But what i can tell you is that this Klas Bahk character appears to know his history.
Word on the street is that last summertime, one of his producer friends started teaching him the ins and outs of electronic music production and Klas Bahk young and eager has turned out to be a natural! Only a couple of hours later on that same summertime day he was bustin' out Chicago beats like there was no tomorrow. Luckily there were plenty of tomorrow's and so the tale of Klas Bahk continued.
After nearly 10 years of DJing, Klas Bahk's tracks smell of the good ole days when warehouses were packed all night, while at the same time his tracks are strongly rooted in the new breed of today's House Music.

All Releases Can Be Purchased Anywhere Digital Music Is Sold.

Klas Bahk: The Hutsepot E.P. Track Reviews

This Track Has A Real Live Feel To It, Lead Predominately By The Sprawling Sax That Runs Through It Picking Up Pace And Changing Its Patterns & Rhythms Constantly Teasing The Listener For More.
A Really Nice Building Track With Lots Of Warming Sounds, Which Would Easily Find Its Way Into A Early Set.

Tight Production And Easy Grooving Rhythms Keep This Track Moving On To A Nice Funky Break. This Tune Has A Very Familiar Sound To It. Simple & Effective.

Sauerkraut Haystacks
A Strange Track That Has A Very Strong And Percussive Bass line That Kept Me Bopping Away 'Til The Live Elements Come In And Take Hold. Really Like This Tune Unusual And Very Catchy, A Sure Fire Crowd Pleaser.


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A Short History On Tyree

They say that a child growing up in the ghetto's of Chicago has a life expectancy of 16 and there is no future in sight. Well what those studies didn't encounter is that this child from the southside of Chicago would exceed all expectation, and his name is... Tyree Cooper.

Tyree began listening to his mother's music collection at a very early age which ranged from Parliament Funkadelics, Stanley Clarke, Ohio Players and Wes Montgomery to name just a few. By the time Tyree entered High School his passion for music didn't stop at home, he joined the High School Band where he sat second chair flutist in the concert band.
Along with music Tyree shares another passion which is basketball and his skills on the courts earned him offers from neighboring colleges and universities.

After his short stint in college Tyree decided to leave and pursue his true passion which is music, House Music in particular. So in 1983 he began his DJing career alongside Mike Dunn and Hugo H! and the three of them would host all the local high school and college parties as well as playing live on college radio, all the while gaining respect from their peers.

1986 would prove to be a pivotal year for Tyree Cooper because that's when he signed with the renowned record label DJ International and released his first record along with his sister Chic “I Fear The Night“ which to their surprise was well recieved. Now that Tyree caught the recording 'bug' he went on to record several classic tunes such as “Acid Over“, “No Control“, “ The Whop“ with Fast Eddie and Chic, and “I Am“. Tyree also spread his energy to other renowned record labels in Chicago such as Rockin House where he released “Video Crash“, “Muzik“ again a record that featured another one of his younger sister’s Miyoshi, and “Dreams E.P“. Then on West Madison Street Records he released “I'm Free“ and “Passion“ with his ex-wife Naomi.

When 1988 entered the calender year Tyree was a well seasoned producer and artist so when Fast Eddie introduced the world to Hip House, a mix of Hip Hop and House, Tyree then followed suit and recorded his biggest selling record to date and probably the most influential in house and hip hop music. He recruited his good friend Kool Rock Steady whose vocal on the track became known and loved Worldwide, “Tyree Cooper, The Producer! Awesome, Supa Dupa Trooper!” and the two of them went on to record the hit “Turn Up The Bass“ which reached the top ten in the U.K pop charts. From there Tyree went on to have an unprecedented string of chart and club hits including another U.K top 20 hit “Move Your Body“ featuring his good friend and MC, JMD. This was released on Columbia Records U.K. Also to his credit Tyree recieved a platinum plaque for “Hardcore Hip House“ released on Westside Records / TVT Records U.K.
So now at the close of the 80's the music scene was taking a turn in the direction of a more rougher and tougher sound and Techno was the flavor amongst the youth at the time.

Meanwhile in Chicago, the youth was experimenting with all previous music from Chicago by speeding it up and adding short chopped up samples to it and this they called “Ghetto House“ or “Booty Music“ and Dancemania Records was instrumental in orchestrating these releases. Being no stranger to something new Tyree began on a new venture with Dancemania Records and released some of his most sought after tracks to date such as „“Nuthin Wrong“, “Can I Git High“, “Of Love Mystery“ and “Let It Go“ with Blake Baxter. Almost simultaneously Tyree was at the humble beginnings of the infamous Speed Garage scene and scored two speed garage classics „“The History Of House“, and “Swing“ both songs were produced by the talented duo Tuff Jam (Karl Brown and Matt Lamont).

Now as all good decades come to a close while a bright and uncertain futures awaits, a new millenium has come and Tyree broadens his horizon and has relocated himself to Europe residing in Berlin, Germany where he could be closer to where the music was happening.

In 2002 Tyree would team up with a good friend Sebastian Krieg and they would record the club classic “Groove You Out Tonight“ and this track along with another track spawned the very first interacting Djing game invented by Playstation called “DJ's Decks And F/X“.

I Fear The Night 1986, Tyree's First 12" On DJ International.
Tyree and Mike Dunn 'borrowed' the 808 Drum Machine from Marshall Jefferson for 20 Bucks to make this track (and others).

Acid Over 1987, Tyree says he made this track because of his dislike of Acid House music... hence the title.

No Control 1987, This track was made by Tyree and his cousin Sean Williams. Sean wanted to do a track so badly with Tyree, and DJ International liked it!

The Whop 1987, Fast Eddie and Tyree had this idea of doing a parody of a track by Thompson and Lenior called "Can't Stop The House". Tyree says they never intended for it to be released, it was only meant to be played on a DJ tour.

I Am 1988, Released on DJ International... is what Tyree calls a 'Rent Track' ;)

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